Hard To Fit Contacts FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Hard to Fit Contacts in Pensacola, Florida

Some people with vision problems can take advantage of standard, generic contact lenses with no trouble whatsoever, while others aren't quite so lucky. If you've been told that you might need hard to fit contacts, take a look at these frequently asked questions from our Pensacola, Florida patients.


What Does "Hard to Fit" Mean?

If our optometrist uses the term "hard to fit" in relation to contact lenses, it means you have a particular visual challenge or eye condition that makes your eyes unsuitable for ordinary soft contacts. Either these contacts can't correct your vision adequately, or they may aggravate an underlying problem.

What Conditions Can Make Ordinary Contacts Less than Ideal?

An extreme refractive error may require more correction than standard soft contacts can offer. Contacts that rotate on the cornea's surface may not correct astigmatism, which requires correction at specific points on the cornea. Another condition, presbyopia, multiple strengths of vision correction. Keratoconus deforms the corneas so much that eyes can no longer accommodate soft contacts. Ordinary contacts can make chronic dry eye or eye irritation problems (such as giant papillary conjunctivitis) worse. 

What Kinds of Specialized Contacts Can Help with These Conditions?

Our optometrist offers a variety of specialized contacts for hard to fit conditions. Rigid gas permeable lenses can correct extreme refractive errors. They may also cause less irritation than soft contacts. Multifocal contacts can provide clear vision if you have presbyopia. Toric lenses hold their position on the corneas for superior astigmatism correction. Scleral lenses hold a consistent curvature as they span the entire corneal surface, correction vision for people who suffer from keratoconus. you can even get special contact lenses designed to hold moisture and minimize dry eye symptoms.

How Do You Know Whether or Not You Need Hard to Fit Contacts?

Every patient who seeks contact lenses from our optometrist receives not only a comprehensive eye and vision exam, but also a contact lens exam. This exam evaluates your eye health, the nature and extent of your vision troubles, and other factors that might make your eyes hard to fit with standard soft contacts. Once we've determined exactly what kind of contact lenses will best suit your needs, we'll order those lenses and then fit them to your satisfaction.

Our Pensacola, Florida Optometrist Can Solve Your Contact Lens Problem

If you think you might need hard to fit contacts, our Pensacola, Florida optometrist at Dr. C. Vision Care can answer all your questions and provide you with an ideal solution to your problem. Call us at (850) 456-2019 today to schedule an eye/vision exam and contact lens exam!







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