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Pediatric Eye Exams in Pensacola, Florida

Pediatric eye exams evaluate the eye health and vision of your child. Pediatric eye exams are critical in ensuring the health of your child’s eyes. If eye problems are left untreated early on in a child’s development, it can have a lasting impact on their vision into adulthood. Taking your child to the eye doctor is important since they require visual skills such as exceptional vision at all distances, accurate eye movement ability, and accurate eye teaming skills for their learning and development.


Early diagnosis of vision problems can prevent a minor eye problem from becoming an issue that is difficult to treat. At Dr. C Vision Care in Pensacola, our eye doctor has years of experience working with children. Our team is here to help ensure your child maintains proper eye health as they age.

When to Have Your Child’s Eyes Examined

As young as 6 months of age, infants have the same focusing ability, depth perception, and color vision as adults. It is recommended that children should have their first comprehensive eye exam at 6 months. Eye exams should be conducted at 3 years of age and before entering the first grade at ages 5 or 6.

Children of school age with no vision problems need an eye exam every two years. However, children who have vision problems need an eye exam annually or as per the recommendation of our eye doctor.

Pediatric Eye Exam Procedure

Pediatric eye exams involve a case history, testing of vision, eye alignment testing, and eye health evaluation. Our eye doctor will also decide whether your child needs eyeglasses. A case history form will require information on the birth history of your child, including birth weight and gestational age, complications during pregnancy or delivery, and the medical history of the child.

Parents need to inform our eye doctor if their child has issues such as delayed motor development, poor eye tracking ability, excessive blinking, frequent rubbing of the eyes, inability to maintain eye contact, or failed a previous vision test. With all this information, our optometrist can form an adequate understanding of the current condition of your child’s eyes and how we can help them.

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We help children of all ages manage whatever eye issues they may be dealing with to improve eye functionality for the future. Our optometrist is committed to providing our patients the eye care they need for optimal performance throughout daily life. If your child needs an eye exam, call our professional staff at (850) 456-2019 today to schedule an appointment at Dr. C Vision Care.

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